Living as a Vegan Afro-Latina (P.O.C.)

When I redress back on my childhood, I can't but help remember the sweet smells of my mothers cooking, Marc Anthony on replay, and dancing around the house for no reason what so ever. My mother was a hard working orphaned woman at that time, piloting her way through life as a teen mom with little guidance and support. Let's just say we weren't handed any silver spoons and the silver lining was always the food.... We grew up in the lower income sections of Delaware, but I have to give it to my mother...she was and is the hardest working woman I have ever known. She was able to move our family into a new beautiful environment, pushing me to learn from her past mistakes and lack of choices. I w

7 Reasons to go Plant Based

You may be wondering what does a plant based life entail....what is it all about and why are so many people pushing for this diet? I wanted to write a whole thing on health statistics, disease prevention, global issues, animal rights, and so on....but I could hear my husband in the back of my head saying "baby steps" Yvonne. I don't want to scare anyone away with a magnitude of information, so lets not get lost in the confounding amount of reasons to transition and pull out the deets you are looking for. ​ So, for this weeks tips...I just want to write a short and focused article on ten general and popular reasons to move away from your meat and dairy animal products. But lets just re-visit

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