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Jun 18, 2018

Find Puerto Rican Fruits and Vegetables


Thanks for your website. Silly question, but I will ask anyway, I live in Maryland and love the less common Puerto Rican fruits and vegetables - Guavas, Grosellas, Quenepas, Acerola Cherries, Parcha, Tropical tubers ideas on where I can get them. The common ones like mango and plantains are easy to get. I also feed them to my mother who had a couple of stokes (she is now 91). I am vegan (from San Juan) she is vegetarian (from Aguadilla/Cayey) was vegetarian since the 1950s. The only areas I find the less common (and fresh and at a lower price) are in Detroit at the Arab Fruit stores, and in Chicago at the Indian/South Asian stores. Juan

Oct 21, 2018

Hi there, Thanks for your question. I have the same struggles but I find that researching and finding local markets for Hispanics - provides for a lot of our common ingredients. I also find a lot of tropical fruits in Whole Foods, Fairways, Wegmans, Super Stop and Shop*, and more. If you can’t find local items, I would purchase from fruit shares online like Miami Fruit Share or Vegantakeover’s Fruitshare (both on IG). Ordering might be your best best for cost, freshness, and convenience. Hope this helps!

Hi! Have you tried local Marketa’s in your area? I used to live in DE and travelled to Milford for little shops where they sell our island foods. I would google “Spanish markets, Asian markets, Latino markets” etc and call the stores to confirm their products. I know how hard it is, and it takes some trial and error. Glad to have you on my page and site! Love how long your mother has been vegetarian and I hope she is going better.

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