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Apr 16, 2018

What are your daily challenges living this lifestyle?


We will use this forum to find solutions and ways to navigate this lifestyle better!

Sep 25

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  • Thanks for your website. Silly question, but I will ask anyway, I live in Maryland and love the less common Puerto Rican fruits and vegetables - Guavas, Grosellas, Quenepas, Acerola Cherries, Parcha, Tropical tubers ideas on where I can get them. The common ones like mango and plantains are easy to get. I also feed them to my mother who had a couple of stokes (she is now 91). I am vegan (from San Juan) she is vegetarian (from Aguadilla/Cayey) was vegetarian since the 1950s. The only areas I find the less common (and fresh and at a lower price) are in Detroit at the Arab Fruit stores, and in Chicago at the Indian/South Asian stores. Juan
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