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These Pasteles, a Puerto Rican tradition, are a dream come true for many people because they are 100% Plant Based (Vegan), as well as naturally Gluten Free.They are made with a flavorful masa and filled with delicious fillings or simply plain with garbanzo beans and olives. We know how labor intensive this dish is, so we are now offering orders for our local customers and are offering perishable mailing options. Please read all of the details below prior to ordering, we appreciate your interest and look forward to you becoming a satisfied customer! Please note that we are not Gluten Free certified, if you have an allergy, we will take great care in the preparation process.


Flavors: 1. Plain (Contain garbanzo beans and olives) 2. Pulled Jackfruit (mimics pulled meats in texture) 3. Ground Gardein "meat" Both plant proteins are spiced with a delicate organic recáo, and organic Rican Vegana blends of herbs. The root based masa (yautia, green banana) contains blends of Rican Vegana organic dry spice blends, oils, garlic, salt, and annato (we do insert olives).


To prepare: You can cook from frozen. First, bring a large pot to a boil with a little oil and salt. Then boil the pasteles in their tied packages for 2 hours to 2 to 2 1/2 hours. Unwrap and enjoy with rice or salad! They will be creamy and tender.

Frozen Ground "Meat" Pasteles

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