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Stamford, CT, USA


These are a popular Puerto Rican (Boricua) style fritters! These are delectable treats that are made up of a blend of island roots and green bananas spiced to perfection. They contain Gardein ( non-GMO and Gluten Free ) ground Vegan plant based crumbles as the plant protein. We spice this meat and cook it to perfection and then include it in our fritter. Olives are also included within and can be taken out per request.
We take great care in cleanliness and contamination factors. However, we are not gluten free certified.
All of our products are Vegan, containing no animal products or byproducts.
For this order, 1 Dozen are included.

Ingredients / Allergens:Island roots (Yautia, malanga roots), green bananas, annatto, soy free oil, Rican Vegana Adobo and sazón (dry spice blends), Gardein meat, Rican Vegana RecáoTo prepare:
Remove the alcapurrias from the freezer and let sit out for 5 minutes. Peel off the banana leaf and place into medium high (350 F) heat. Ensure the oil is heated prior to placing them in, I recommend using a thermometer. Cook for 7-10 minutes until golden brown and the masa internally has cooked. Testing out one would be ideal to ensure you have the hang of it. Once golden brown (or a little darker if your like me) remove from oil, drain, and place on a paper towel to cool for a few minutes.

Thanksgiving orders happening now!!

Local: SATURDAY, November 16th & November 23rd 2019
(Depending on when order placed - you will be advised of your date, please state date preferences).

Shipping: occurring that week, planned with each customer based on order

Offering [2] Connecticut locations:

[1] 9:00 AM- Fairfield CT at Bareburger Parking Lot 38 Danbury Rd 068

[2] 10:00 AM - Stamford, CT at CVS Parking Lot, 221 Hope St 06907

[3] New York Pick Up Locations: 

12:00 PM- 55 St. Nicholas Ave, New York NY 10026
(Landmark - Across from Seasoned Vegan on street) Harlem, 20-30 min from Manhattan
1:00 PM - Bay Plaza (Saks Fifth Ave Store) located at 290 Baychester Ave, Bronx NY 10475
2:30 PM - Bloomingdales located at 175 Bloomingdale Rd. White Plains, NY 10605

For NJ orders - email me on here (or message me on Instagram) to ask to add this meeting point and your zip code/landmark for meeting point considerations. If we receive enough requests, we can add this for an early Sunday pick up schedule and establish a meeting point.
Desiring shipping?

Read below - contact me before placing any order*

Please email me at if you would like to set up perishable shipping. I do not look to profit off picking up the speciality box, dry ice, packaging, printing warning labels for dry ice handling, etc. I will reach out to the local dry ice vendor who sells the packaging/dry ice bundles to me based off where you live. Shipping to Florida may cost less than California, etc. 
The box and I believe 10lbs of dry ice was estimated around 32-35$, about two dollars per pound. Please look up dry ice charts ( I will look to include one on the site News soon) to pre-determine shipping from Stamford Connecticut to your location. The box was around 7-10 dollars and is required for this sort of handling.

Once we establish the box, dry ice needs, then I would reach out to the main providers (UPS, USPS, FED EX) for estimated shipping costs for the perishable item and give you the cheapest quote. Shipping would occur on Wednesday or Thursday (depending on when the order was placed). This is a little complex but totally doable! 
Once all of these details have been established, you would send me the shipping costs via Paypal, Zelle, or Venmo. We would discuss your products estimated shipping once I schedule the box and dry ice pick up from the vendor.

Ground Vegan Alcapurrias

$25.30 Regular Price
$21.51Sale Price
1/2 Dozen