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These are a popular Puerto Rican (Boricua) style fritters! These are delectable treats that are made up of a blend of island roots and green bananas spiced to perfection. They contain Gardein ( non-GMO and Gluten Free ) ground Vegan plant based crumbles as the plant protein. We spice this meat and cook it to perfection and then include it in our fritter. Olives are also included within and can be taken out per request. We take great care in cleanliness and contamination factors. However, we are not gluten free certified. All of our products are Vegan, containing no animal products or byproducts.


For this order, 1 Dozen are included. Ingredients / Allergens:Island roots (Yautia, malanga roots), green bananas, annatto, soy free oil, Rican Vegana Adobo and sazón (dry spice blends), Gardein meat, Rican Vegana Recáo


To prepare:


Remove the alcapurrias from the freezer and let sit out for 5 minutes. Peel off the banana leaf and place into medium high (350 F) heat. Ensure the oil is heated prior to placing them in, I recommend using a thermometer. Cook for 7-10 minutes until golden brown and the masa internally has cooked. Testing out one would be ideal to ensure you have the hang of it. Once golden brown (or a little darker if your like me) remove from oil, drain, and place on a paper towel to cool for a few minutes.

Ground Vegan Alcapurrias

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