Rican Vegana's Ebook is available NOW!


This cookbook will include a versatile recipe list that ranges from rice dishes, vegetable dishes, desserts, and healthy smoothies! There is a wonderful Puerto Rican and African American flare within all the vegan recipes. Thank you for your support in advance!


Please be advised that this purchase may require you have an Ebook Application to read the EPUB professionally made book document(not a pdf document). Normally for Apple products, Ibooks software is 100% compatible. For Andriods, and other products Ebook applications like "Universal Book Reader", "Adobe Digital Editions", or "Playbooks" and many more free apps work great! Please reach out to me for any related questions, I am happy to direct you on what works but if you need guidance on how to download and use particulars Apps, the provider would be the contact for those sort of questions.


Thanks so much!



Rican Vegana's Plant Based Recipes Ebook

  • You are purchasing an electronic book of plant based (Vegan) recipes. (This is not a physical book!) You are gaining access to OVER 35 amazing recipes centered around Puerto Rican and African American cuisine. 

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