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Reasons I Don't Wear Tight Fitting & Metal Underwired Bra's

​As a woman, who has developed large breasts later in life (these things appeared out of no where) and probably thanks to having children...I present this topic to you. Why? Not because I don't like a nice underwired bra under my dress on a special occasion or constant support for my bosoms but because our daily routines need to be conscious of the effects that are moderated by our own actions.

Meaning, wearing these underwired bras don't come without dangerous risks and honestly I never thought about these types of things before becoming more health conscious. We should all push to know more about these and related topics. I will list out some the pros and cons of wearing tight fitted and underwired bras but I am supportive of avoiding both of these bra types. I thought to talk about this because I used to wear nothing but (tight fitting) wired bras for years and years. I am so grateful for my health and wish to spread the knowledge on to others who find interest in these arguments.

Pros for wearing underwired and tight fitting bras:​

1. Many chest sizes can be controlled and raised with underwired bras.

2. These types of bras can provide you with a desired shaping for clothing.

3. Increased feeling of physical support (e.g., back support), especially for larger breasted women.

In my opinion, I think when companies use metal materials within the bras, they are introducing risks to females bodies unnecessarily. On the other hand, wearing bra's that are too tight falls on the user. We need to be educated in adolescence on how to wear bra's correctly, types of bras, risks, and more.

Cons for wearing underwire bras:​

1. When wearing these tight fitting bras, one can cut off necessary lymph drainage within the body.

2. "125 Fold increased risk for breast cancer..."with the use of these bra types (Singer, & Grismaijer).

3. Reduces one's heart and lung efficiency, which expends lots energy...making you feel tired (literally). I remember taking off my bra and literally feeling freedom lol...I know that you know what I am talking about.

3. Causes some women to feel hot and uncomfortable during use.

4. Your helping and supporting companies that do not care about your well being.

​I tried to list out the most striking correlations from the studies that I read. We really need to think about not only what we are putting inside our bodies but how we are taking care of ourselves overall. Everyday we are introduced to many damaging environmental factors (e.g., air pollution, water pollution, chemical trails, poor food qualities, chemicals in personal products, and so on). There is a need to wake up and start protecting ourselves from dangerous risks that are within our control.

Links to a few articles evaluating this topic:​​

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