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Microwave Use and Health Hazards

I believe we live in an age of acceptance. We accept the way things are and will be automatically...and we don't question too much. Using makeup with endless confusing ingredients, washing our hair with sulfates, using radiation to heat our food daily, and more. If it has been deemed a norm, than for most of must be okay.

Today I would like to talk briefly on microwaves because I have looked up some interesting studies and articles (which I will link their articles below). This information has made me question this normal household item and I am vowing to never ever using it again! Perhaps you should too...

One of the first website articles that I visited broke down how microwaves completely change the food items nutritional value and organic abilities. It said that an experiment was conducted that used microwaved water and regular unadulterated water to plant seeds with. The microwaved water plants did not develop; this means that the seeds did not sprout. The other plants germinated normally without a hitch. This had me questioning so much, so I looked into this further. Another test was conducted on breastmilk and without fail the same results occurred. The breastmilk that was microwaved lost its nutritional value! I have to say reading this information was disturbing.

To continue, come to find out a man named Hans Hertel, who was a food scientist in Germany questioned everything. He felt as though humans were divorcing themselves from nature and that there would be consequences. He was the first food scientist to actually perform scientific studies on microwave use and the blood and physiology on human beings. "The conclusion was clear: microwave cooking changed the nutrients so that changes took place in the participants' blood; these were not healthy changes but were changes that could cause deterioration in the human systems (source 2)". I was seriously thinking back to all the meals I have ever microwaved and how I can avoid ever using that weapon ever again!

However, lets continue because there a few more points that I would like to leave you with. Were you aware that microwaves destroy vitamin B12? For us vegans, this is an important piece of information to know. If you think you are consuming the nutrients you are needing, you could be mistaken if you are heating those items within a microwave. B12 is essential to our health as we can not produce this on our own, unlike other vitamins. However it gets worse. Were you also aware that when you use plastic to heat the food in creates a carcinogenic situation within your food? So much so that in 1976, Russia banned the use of microwave ovens after extensive research and studies.

I will conclude here because I think I have seriously planted some un-microwaved seeds in your minds. I have come to believe in these past couple weeks that we are eating dead foods when it has been delivered through a microwave. It does not matter what kind of food or drink it is, it is ultimately destroyed. This convenience, this easy heating method, is simply dangerous. We are potentially hurting ourselves and our loved ones and for those reasons...I vow to not use this heating device any longer. I implore you to further research and read on this topic!


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