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Puerto Rican Plant Based (Vegan) Chicharrones

Hey Familia!

I am so glad to be back writing blog posts and a NEW book for you all that will encompass my passion for good plant based food and shifting ones mindset for attaining life goals. I know that for a lot people, attaining and maintaining health is center to life because it increases our likelihood to age well. Isn't that what we all want (to eat what we want and lose/maintain our weight overtime?) So this book will really dive deep into serving you with a balanced set of recipes that you can tailor to your personal health goals.

OK, I know you are probably like...fried chicharrones Yvonne. Yes, its about self-control and balance...eating a few fried bites fried of heavenly jack fruit won't hurt us, so as long as we are consistent - so let's get right into it.

Chicharrones are simply well spiced fried protein bites that are typically made with chicken. For our recipe, we will be using jack fruit because the texture and taste is the closest that I have had while avoiding heavily processed plant based proteins. While I don't mind eating those things out of enjoyment through out the year, I am more so focused on keeping things as natural as possible, for health and digestion. This means, we had to layer in spices at every step to ensure that the flavors and the texture were there. Every recipe must be amazing before we release the recipe here for you all and we always do the hard job, testing (lol).

Like all of my recipes, I will break the steps down into digestible bites. Every level of cook, is always welcomed here! For these chicharrones, we made them so delicately small and tender, so that they fried up quickly and enclosed all of our flavors inside to the full flavored crust on the outside. Can I also add...that although we were only able to find jack fruit in brine, if you can find it frozen...even better! However, if you have never worked with canned jack fruit, just rinse it gently and dab dry. This will help remove some of that brine aftermath.

We are also about spices, good quality spices (available in the store while supplies last). These layers of flavor that we will massage into this dish will leave you and your guests wondering if there are enough for seconds or what the hell they just ate - cause it was AMAZING. Just tell them you are a plant magician :)

As always, when you register to the site, I send out my Boricua style Pinto Bean and quick version Recao recipe for free!

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